Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No Music, No Lights, Free Service!


Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, I’ve been in the weirdest mood for the past couple days. Yesterday I woke up wanting to design a room and lately I’ve been pondering questions like “can the coffee burn?” and “where are all the bobby pins?” I'm literally losing my mind for no reason!

I sit here in Starbucks writing this blog post when I know there are other things I should be doing, like Writing my 7 page paper for sociology, reading and preparing a presentation for homework, or trying to figure out what classes I’m taking next semester. Being 20 is hard… correction, being almost 21 is hard.

Anyway, on with it…

Starbucks no more :(

Saturday Elliot and I had a very fun and time-consuming homework assignment for… you guessed it, Sociology!

We had to drive from one end of Sunset Blvd. (by the beach), all the way to East LA. There were good parts…. Oh and there were interesting parts… but mostly, we couldn’t believe how beautiful some of the neighborhoods, landscapes, and homes were in Bel Air, Palisades, and Beverly Hills

Our first stop was Palisades, mainly because there was a Starbucks there, and we needed our morning coffee. Unfortunately, minutes before we arrived in Palisades there was some sort of explosion at the electric building and most of the town lost power…. Upside, free coffee and scone, downside, everyone was closing up shop. Elliot and I decided to take a look around anyway, and I’m glad we did because we had quite an experience. We were just walking out of a cute cupcake shop when Elliot spotted an Escalade… not just an Escalade, but a Hybrid Escalade! We ooh’d and ahh’d for a moment then I said “well look at the guy inside the car, he’s smoking a cigar on the phone” …Then Elliot says “Uhhh Caity, that’s Adam Sandler

Adam in all his glory - We didn't want to ask for a picture, instead I took a stalker type one - Normal

HAAAAA to my amazement, it totally was. He then got out of the car, said Hi, and we had a small conversation as he was approaching the cupcake shop “It’s Cupcake time!!”

So it was a fun start to our day!

We then drove through various elaborate neighborhoods in Bel Air and Beverly Hills

“I bet this one’s Meryl’s house” is all Elliot could say about every house we saw!

My House, obvs

Next stop through the Sunset Strip, we had lunch at The Counter, you can “build/create” your own burger there! We talked with the waitress about our assignment and she was very helpful!

My Buuuuurger

Last stop was in Echo Park, Elliot called it an up and coming neighborhood, and I don’t even know what I call it. It seemed a bit run down and graffiti-ed, it was primarily a Hispanic neighborhood with some signs in Spanish. It also had some really cool book shops, coffee houses and cool resale shops. Seems like an alright college hangout. I didn’t feel unsafe there, it just wasn’t Beverly Hills.

It took 4 hours to drive, observe and stop 3 times, and by the end Elliot and I were utterly exhausted but satisfied.

I wish there was a way you could see me right now, I’m drinking my coffee with two hands because last week my boss spilled coffee on her computer and it wasn’t pretty. Also, It must be said that I've totally been on a Shania Twain kick today!

In the words of Shania "She's a soldier, She's a wife, She's a Surgeon, She'll save your life"

Enjoy your week!

<3 Caity


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Enjoy the Water, Just Don't Drink It

Spring Break, Part Deux!

Sunday was pretty tame, Shannon and I headed to Hotel Café to see a band, Harper Blynn play that I had met in Boston doing a radio interview. It was really nice to see them again, especially because I love them live! Schuyler Fisk opened for them, so the crowd was mostly women who hadn’t heard of Harper Blynn.

Monday mom and I headed off to Santa Barbara, It’s about an hour and a half to two hour drive. Once we hit the water on the 101 the views were absolutely amazing!

This is Emily, one of the Vineyards friendly cats!

We walked around the town a bit and stayed at a B & B close to the water. I also saw a truck that I completely fell in love with and took like 12 pictures of.

Tuesday we went on a wine tasting tour. four wineries in six hours. Along the way we saw the house that invented Hidden Valley Ranch, AND part of Neverland Ranch. I asked about Oprah’s house in Santa Barbara, but the tour guide told us you can only get a good view of it on the 101, and you can’t really stop on the 101.



All in all,it was a fantastic spring break! We drove back home to Los Angeles Wednesday and then I took my mom to LAX. I had Thursday off work, and went in on Friday.

More blogging soon!

<3 Caity


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Your Tummy On Vacation

Sorry I’ve taken a bit of a blogging hiatus, I’ve been super busy lately and also enjoying my spring break!!!

Where to begin? Well Friday I picked up my mom from the airport and we headed out with Shannon to Mario Batali’s Pizzeria, Mozza. It was so so so delicious, maybe because I was starving. Luckily I stopped myself from devouring everything and took some pictures.

Saturday morning the three of us went out to breakfast at The Griddle Café. It was amazing! I ordered the Red Velvet Pancake with cream cheese frosting, which was basically cake. It was one massive pancake the size of the plate. Shannon got banana pancakes, 3 large pancakes that took over her plate. We had enough food on our table to feed a small country; needless to say, we have leftovers in the fridge.

Velvet Pancake

Our Meal

Later that afternoon we headed over to the Grove and Farmers Market to walk off our breakfast, do some shopping and grab a bite of lunch.

some kind of cheese plate

Saturday was our busiest day; I was invited to a potluck BBQ, so mom and Shannon came along! The BBQ was a welcoming party for Scott Mellis, the artist we went to see at Hotel Café. We forced him into playing a little private show for us and then sang a little backup. It was so much fun we didn’t want to leave.

We ended the night by picking up Elliot from work, heading back to Mozza for another delicious Dinner, and then heading out to do some karaoke.

My Egg potato Pizza!

We met Joe Bastianich, a food network guy, an actress from the TV series Greek, and an MTV Real World cast mate all in one night. Not too bad ehh?

More blogging about spring break tomorrow!

<3 Caity


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Angry Rocker Chick

Ahhh epic
I want that lamp!
So I had to post this!!!
I was invited by my co-workers at Sony to attend this show/ party thing in North Hollywood.
So before the show we all went out to dinner at this Mexican restaurant called Casa Vega!
It was a Linda Perry show at her recording studio! It was the coolest place I've ever seen and I took a gazillion pictures on the sly because I didn't want to look too nerdy with my camera in front of all the cool music people... seriously. Anyway, the place looked like a house and we had full rein on the studio so I got to walk around and see everything.

The Nap room!
The coolest room... I want to put a bed in it and live there!
Also, As I was getting valet I saw Juliette Lewis getting out of her car and entering the party. I thought... "Oh God, I'm in the wrong place" haha but alas, I was not! It was so crazy to see her! Of course I didn't say anything to her, but I did walk in right behind her.

Anyway, Linda Perry is a badass, she's most famous for the song 4 Non Blondes and has written for numerous famous musicians such as Gwen Stefani, Courtney Love, Kelly Osbourne and Pink. She wrote the FAMOUS song Beautiful sung by Christina Aguilera. She's such a rocker chick and totally brought her A game last night. She leaves for tour on Saturday so we got to see the preview of what her tour will be like.

More to come!

<3 Caity .

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Accomplished With A Sliver of Patience

Shannon's Pasta!

This week has been another crazy week in Los Angeles, but before I tell you about my week, I have to post a picture from last week. This is the Pasta Shannon made last Sunday and It was delicious!!!

So, this week my good friend Tom came to visit! Since he’s been here there have been many visits to our favorite hot spot, The Farmers Market. He’s also had a few meetings at Fox so I got to drive by the Fox studios and see a sliver of the grounds.

Thursday night I went to a screening of the new movie Friends With Benefits. One of my co-workers at Sony did the Music Supervising for the film so I was invited to go see it before it’s been released. It was a very good movie, I laughed the entire time it was soooo funny. I recommend it to anyone around my age... or anyone older who’s into that kind of film.

Friday my little group went to see the new Matt Damon movie The Adjustment Bureau.

Saturday Shannon, Tom and I took a drive into Santa Monica and walked along the beach and the Santa Monica pier amusement park. We had beautiful weather, Shannon and I even got some color on our cheeks! Afterward we went to the promenade, walked around and had a tasty Italian lunch.

Pacific Ocean

One of my co-workers at Sony is a Curator and invited me to an art gallery showing Saturday night. So I invited Tom, Elliot and Shannon to come with me! It was nice to get out and see some art and casually mingle with people! Shannon, Elliot and I are definitely going to go back next month.

Welcome to Calabasas!

Sunday Tom had a meeting with a guy in Calabasas CA, which is about 40-45 minutes outside Los Angeles. After we dropped him off, Shannon and I headed to get coffee and walk around Calabasas for a while. We found “Dash”!!! Dash is the clothing store that the Kardashians own and operate. We were very proud of ourselves for finding the store, even though we knew it was closed on Sundays.


Driving from Calabasas to Malibu! Amazing view!

After we picked Tom up we headed toward Malibu to grab a bite. We went to this place called Dukes and ate the lovely buffet and enjoyed the ocean view from our table.

The view from our table at lunch!

Tonight instead of preparing a meal at home like we usually do Sunday nights, we’re going out to Barney’s Beanery, which I’ve heard is known for having good chili! I’m sure it’ll be a lovely place and can’t wait to see it.

So as you can see, another busy week for me in California! It’s nice that I’m being invited to events outside of work!

Friday my mom’s coming to visit me for spring break! We’ve got lots planned so I’m very excited!

Hope everyone had a good week, looks like the weather in Chicago is going to be close to the 50’s this week!

<3 Caity