Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Tourist Kind of Weekend

I survived the first week of class and the weather is really cooling down now! I bought a caramel crisp candle that does wonders for our apartment and the tree outside my window is already starting to change color…too soon?

I had a really fun weekend, my friend Alex from high school came to Boston to visit her cousin who attends Boston University and we all got together Friday and Saturday! Friday we did a lot of walking around and later we went to a bar-club place in Copley.

Saturday Alex and I took the T to Harvard and jumped into a tour group for an hour and learned A LOT about the History of Harvard University! I definitely recommend taking a tour! The weather was absolutely perfect so we stayed outside as much as possible soaking in some sunshine!

Swan Boat river

We accidentally walked right through a hemp fest in the Boston Commons, which was absolutely insane. It was great to spend a weekend with an old friend and catch up! We were basically the only ones from high school that went to colleges on the east coast. Alex goes to Seton Hall in New Jersey, a school my family is very familiar with….Cousin Tim.

Anyway, I hung out with some friends later and was in bed by 11:30 Saturday night.

Today’s homework and cleaning day!

Here are some other random things I did this week.

Baked a cake from scratch, added sprinkles and pink food dye.

Had a fire drill at the new apartment

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! It’s going to be freezing before we know it.

<3 Caity

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Under The Pear Tree

It's fashion week in New York, and since I'm not there, they have this event that takes place in different cities called Fashion's Night Out, or FNO. Thursday September 8th was FNO and I'm sad to say that by the time I hit Newbury street most of the stores were closing. It was still nice to see all the people around and what everyone was wearing. I even received a compliment on my leather jacket, people were that nice and supportive!
After about 4 straight days of rain this week we finally had a nice day in Boston on Friday.
I dragged Laura out with me for a day of fun and sun. After much deliberation and complaining about having no money we finally decided on heading to the north end of Boston to explore the home of Paul Revere, and boy did it tickle my fancy.
Here lived Paul Revere
Laura and the pear tree
Me in front of Paul Revere's house
His house is now a walk-through museum with staff in each room to answer questions, it was really nice.

After visiting Paul's house we did a lot of walking around. We spotted a farmers market nearby where I bought some produce for the week, we sat down at Quincy Market for a mid afternoon snack, walked around some more then called it a day at went home around 7pm.

School starts tomorrow, joy. Summer's over, guess I'll order that pumpkin spice latte now.
<3 Caity

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Need A Glass Of Wine and A Pillow

Today was the big move! This is how I started my day.

Then I arrived at my new place.

Here's the view from my window

There's my Ryder's moving truck! And now some apartment pictures.

Here's the kitchen before.

And after

They had to put all my boxes in my roommates bedroom and after they put my bed, couch and love-seat in my bedroom I got really nervous I over-packed.

Several hours later all my boxes are empty and everything has a new home.

We don't have to talk about my records being crooked, I know.

I wrapped a blanket around my desk chair, it's comfier and looks nicer than just the harsh black.

My closet, see how I made the most of my small space. Thanks Nate Berkus.
I hope everyone's having an enjoyable labor day weekend! I can't wait to sleep in and relax a bit until classes start again.

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