Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bittersweet Endings, Where Has The Time Gone?

I’m really winding down here!
My Easter Collage!

Saturday I started packing, list making and prioritizing my week! I packed A LOT of my clothes into two suitcases and loaded them into my car! Doing that I had to think about how many days I have left in California :( I really hope that the weather in Chicago is nice when I come home because I’ve already started working on my tan for the summer!

Shannon and Rachel

Shannon’s good friend Rachel has been visiting us this week, so last night we decided to take her out dancing to a gay club called Rage! It was my first official outing as a legal 21 year old! We danced to a lot of Lady gaga, Britney Spears and Katy Perry!

Best timing shot!


Sunday was Easter!!! Shannon, Rachel and I attended a really nice Easter service then headed over to Blu Jam Café to meet Elliot for brunch. (Elliot went to a different church as he is not Catholic). Blu Jam Café was amazing!

Rachel had their Crunchy French Toast, which we all got to try! They were so sweet and delicious!

Crunchy French Toast Photo Credit: Rachel Kieras

Mmmmm! Sunglasses, Coffee & Creme and one of Busia's old clutches that I loooove!

Also, as we were walking to the car after brunch I found an Easter egg on the grass! Yay!!!

Thank you!

After Brunch we headed back to the apartments to work on our final papers and homework. Blehhh! We’ll probably be sitting at our computers working for hours, but I will feel so much better once everything is done!

Tonight Shannon is cooking Fettucini Alfredo for dinner and I’m picking up some bread, a white wine and some ice cream for dessert (Shannon gave up sweets for lent, brave girl, so now she’s indulging again)!

(picture update)

I’ve got work and class this week and then I’m home free for a couple weeks. I still have my Thank You cards waiting for me tonight along with more packing and homework.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter Holiday, I know I am thankful that I talked to my family today and that I have such good friends out here in LA with me!

<3 Caity

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Surprises Can Come In Any Size Box

Well, well, well!

A lot has been going on this past week. Last weekend it was warm enough to go to the pool and lay out, so that is just what we did!

Monday was my 21st birthday, and to prepare, Sunday I baked my delicious Pistachio cake!

My Favorite Cake!


Sunday I also did something very very daring, I got a haircut!!!!

I cut all of it off and donated my ponytail to Locks Of Love!

Bye bye hair!

Monday Shannon, Elliot and I went to dinner at the Gordon Ramsay at the London Hotel. It was so beautiful and a great place to have a lovely quiet dinner with good friends!

Shannon and Elliot singing to me!
Cake and Milk!

The semester is almost over, so I’ll be leaving LA soon. I have papers and packing to do within the next 10 or so days.

I want to thank everyone for all the birthday presents and let you know that Thank You's will be on the way as soon as my semester is over and I’m all packed up!

One of my presents!!!

Thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes, it was a very special day!

<3 Caity

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Any Last Wishes???

Me trying to be artistic

It’s the end of the semester, and just when the weather’s getting nicer and you want to get out and enjoy the day, you’re bombarded with final papers and projects. Well at least I am.

This past weekend some friends from the Berklee Music Business Club came out to LA! So Shannon, Elliot and I spent our Saturday out and about with a couple friends!

Elliot found his family...but not really

"Oh, that's my boss!!" - Shannon

I hardly took any pictures as I was driving all day, but I’ll tell you that we walked down Hollywood Blvd, ate lunch on Sunset, drove up Griffith park and had a wonderful view of Los Angeles, then strolled around Beverly Hills for a while until settling down for a nice Italian and carb loaded dinner.

My favorite wine from the wine tour

I received a massive amount of wine bottles in the mail from my mom for my upcoming birthday and bought myself a new nail polish along with a few other things…thanks mom!

Soon enough I’ll be re-packing my boxes and heading home for a couple weeks before more craziness ensues!

Hope everyone’s enjoying the warmer weather! Summer’s almost here!

<3 Caity

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Like Kids In A Candy Store

Alex and Disneyland

Monday evening we went out to Roscoe’s which is famous for chicken and waffles. I’m not much of a chicken and waffles fan, but the waffles were delicious, AND the portion sizes were so crazy insane we didn’t know what to do with ourselves. But that’s not the exciting part of this blog post!

Saturday Shannon, Alex and I got park hopper tickets to Disneyland and California Adventure! We woke up before the sun, drove to Anaheim and spent 9 hours in the magical world Walt Disney invented! Since my birthday is coming up I decided going to Disney would be a good way to celebrate! It was so great to be back on Main street and hear the Disney music, and we couldn’t have asked for a better day! We were exhausted by the end, but definitely agreed that it was so worth it to go.

California Adventure


<3 Caity