Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Don’t Know Where Home Is But I’m On My Way

Downtown Chicago

Since being home I’ve been on such a blogging hiatus. I’ve barely taken any pictures and haven’t done anything nearly as exciting. I’ve been biting my nails with boredom and watching way too much TV, but I guess this is my vacation in a way.

A birthday package from my brother welcomed me home! I got this oh so speechless cat pillow and Wine Monkey, which is essentially a sock… apparently parties love the Wine Monkey and the Wine Monkey loves to party…

Since being home I’ve been visiting with friends and family and preparing to go back to Boston… which I'll be packing as lightly as possible for... hmmm hopefully all my favorite shoes will fit in my suitcase

Hi Shoes!

Enjoy your week,

<3 Caity

Monday, May 2, 2011

"Is My Pillow Wet? I Might Have Drooled On It"

I’ve made it home alive!

My last week of work was pretty sad. I only worked one day at each internship because I had finals and packing for our trip home. I’m going to miss everyone so so much!

Sketchy 1am gas stop

Saying “goodbye”…ahem, “see you soon” to California, was really hard, especially when we were driving in cold weather and SNOW!

"if I get back to Chicago and it's snowing I'm going to cry"

Elliot lives in Wisconsin and had to drive his car home too, so to make it easier, Elliot's brother and his brother's fiance flew out to drive his car so Elliot and I could drive my car!

We took the northern route Starting Friday, 6 hours from Cali to Nevada. driving right through VEGAS!!! (I wish my pictures weren't so blurry, otherwise I'd post them)

Where we stopped in Nevada

Saturday morning we headed from Nevada, through Utah, Colorado and finally stopped for the night in Nebraska!

Shannon gave us her best movie scores mix CD so we were listening to the most epic and beautiful music (like the music nerds we are) driving through mountains and desert.

We drove 15 hours and crossed into both mountain and central time on Saturday.

Sunday we finished our last 10 hours driving through Nebraska, Iowa, and finally ILLINOIS! I used to hate Iowa, don’t ask me why because I won’t tell you…and it’s not because of the corn, because corn is delicious. But I will say driving through Iowa was not as horrible as I thought. I didn't really take any pictures in Iowa because it's basically nothing but fields and windmills, the mountains were definitely more enjoyable!

PS, This is not Iowa...

THIS, is Iowa...Adair Iowa

All in all, the drive was extremely enjoyable, the mountains and scenery were beautiful and the company was great. We had so much fun, laughed so hard our stomachs hurt and sang so loud I lost my voice a little.

We almost got hit by a bird, my purse almost flew out the window along with me, oh, and a semi almost took us out!

A road-trip I will never forget!

<3 Caity