Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Tourist Kind of Weekend

I survived the first week of class and the weather is really cooling down now! I bought a caramel crisp candle that does wonders for our apartment and the tree outside my window is already starting to change color…too soon?

I had a really fun weekend, my friend Alex from high school came to Boston to visit her cousin who attends Boston University and we all got together Friday and Saturday! Friday we did a lot of walking around and later we went to a bar-club place in Copley.

Saturday Alex and I took the T to Harvard and jumped into a tour group for an hour and learned A LOT about the History of Harvard University! I definitely recommend taking a tour! The weather was absolutely perfect so we stayed outside as much as possible soaking in some sunshine!

Swan Boat river

We accidentally walked right through a hemp fest in the Boston Commons, which was absolutely insane. It was great to spend a weekend with an old friend and catch up! We were basically the only ones from high school that went to colleges on the east coast. Alex goes to Seton Hall in New Jersey, a school my family is very familiar with….Cousin Tim.

Anyway, I hung out with some friends later and was in bed by 11:30 Saturday night.

Today’s homework and cleaning day!

Here are some other random things I did this week.

Baked a cake from scratch, added sprinkles and pink food dye.

Had a fire drill at the new apartment

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! It’s going to be freezing before we know it.

<3 Caity

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