Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hello Blog readers,

This past weekend Laura’s mom Gail came to visit Boston, so Saturday I spent the day with them in Cambridge. But before Gail came to Boston I got visitor of my own. I’m fostering this cat for 2 weeks! Her name is Coraline!

Saturday we started out walking from Boston into Cambridge to Flour, a super cute and super delicious bakery.

We ended up in Harvard square for most of the day, I did another Harvard tour with them. I swear I can probably give one of those tours by myself I’ve been on it so many times.

After our tour we sat down for some girl talk over some margaritas!

Finally Will, Laura’s boyfriend met up with us to go to dinner. We went to Mr. Bartley’s Burgers, which has been featured on the food network and a few Boston movies. The burgers were exactly what we needed after a couple margaritas! We finished off the night going out for a friends birthday.

Sunday and Monday were homework and resting days for me. I’m still getting over a long drawn out cold so those days of rest were crucial!

Monday night I hosted a study group with Laura, Will and our two other friends Bri and Ryan. We ordered Pizza, had popcorn and discussed the lives of famous composers… that part was on the test. I’m so glad that in my last semester I have a class with some of my closest friends since first semester. It’s the best excuse for all of us to get together towards the end of senior year. – no pictures from the study session, things got super hectic and I was working the listening examples for the test on my computer.

I’m looking forward to another weekend to get more cover letters and job applications ready. Hope everyone’s having a nice week!
<3 Caity

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  1. I am really glad you are getting a chance to do all this during your final semester. Pretty neat.